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Simple Simon, Acts 8

“Simple Simon went a-fishing, For to catch a whale; All the water he had got, Was in his mother's pail.” Have you ever yearned for a gift that God has given someone else, wishing you had it too? Its not unusual among flesh and blood Christians. Sometimes this can cross into coveting, which is when you...
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Me and My Shadow

When God has finished his work in you, the total ownership will be his. You will not be able to own any of it, but will just have done your duty. Has anyone ever been healed because your shadow passed over them? Have you asked yourself why not? “They brought forth the sick into the...
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The Lying Vanities Part 2

All of us, and none of us are like Jonah. We are different from him in experiences, but we are all like him in falling for those lying vanities. At some point or other, we have all trusted our intellect instead of God. Lying vanity. It was Jonah’s intellect that got him into trouble, see...
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