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Common Sense.

Growing up, the child is confronted with common sense, but Jesus taught uncommon sense. Everything Jesus taught went beyond where common sense can take us. Faith does not deny common sense, it just goes beyond it. Faith accepts common sense, but common sense cannot take a chance on faith, even though it pretends to know all about it. Faith understands common sense, but common sense cannot understand Faith because it will not experience faith, which common sense perceives as impractical and dangerous, or weird. Oh, there are plenty of intelligent people willing to teach about religion, who have no foggy idea about Faith, but they can not see their error, because they have never received the Spirit of God or the gift of Faith. They teach that which they do not understand and can not understand, because common sense cannot understand Faith. Faith is available to everyone who wants it, but that is the rub. Why would you want faith, if you have never had it before? No, we never start off by wanting faith, which seems superfluous. We start off under the conviction of sin, with the desire to be cleansed and free of it.  If anyone wants faith, the first step is to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and in obeying the Lord, there will be Faith, because faith is a gift from God and a fruit of the Holy Spirit. Kingdomwork Studio is built on faith and in faith, with plenty of common sense.

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