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A Rolling Stone

A Rolling Stone Have you yet realized what and where the stone was, that once sealed you in your own tomb of great darkness? Did you know, as you know now, how and by Whom it rolled away? What was it that awoke you to its presence, or did you never even know it was there until it was removed? Can you remember the way your lungs so easily filled with that first canteen of air right after the very great stone was lift up, or the exact words that ran through your mind? What was your first thought, if you can recall? Did it begin with “I never knew…”? Can you revisit the shock, or relive the sudden dawning upon your soul which took your brain by such surprise? Had your senses failed you too? Where were you, when it happened? Tell me, was it like waking up from a dream you never understood, but now was over, only you were not asleep and you woke up from, yet to, your own life? The stone was rolled away. Where it came from, you knew: for you had a hand in that from the pebble, but where it went, you knew not, and by the time you realized it existed, it was too late to examine, for it was not there. What made an invisible stone so heavy? Where did it get its weight? Had you ever encountered anything like it, all pressing without matter? Your answer to these questions is your life or death; I ask them in hope of your life. People who are born again all over the world, of every language, every race, every tongue and every tribe are able to answer these questions, and you should be able to answer them.
Come to me logic and explain to me my existence, when you have no idea why you exist. Come to me philosophy and argue away the God of life, when you let the worms answer the riddle of death. Come to me mammon and buy servitude, when the King of Glory has made you to serve His servants. Howl forever, armies of darkness, for as it is written, so shall it be. Preach, false religion and contradict the Resurrection and the Life, while you grope with your hands in the dark sepulcher for a stone you cannot discern, nor yet roll away.
Tell me, Friend, what does Easter, or Resurrection Day, or whatever you want to call it, mean to you? What good is the triumph of the Christ, if it is not also yours? Are you surrounded by companies and choirs of angels, or are you feeling alone in the dark? What good is the truth if you can’t admit it to yourself? You know but will not admit, or else you admit because you want to know, the truth. Truth must be admitted if it is to come in; until then, Behold He stands at the door and knocks. The door, the stone, the stone the door, “And they said among themselves, Who shall roll us away the stone from the door of the sepulcher?” Mark 16:3. Again I say, Who shall roll away the stone from the door of your sepulcher? What to admit, you know, and Whom to admit you also know, as well as you know the why, and the when, for there is no time like the present.
If you have not answered the knock of the Lord Jesus at your door, Remember, he is not locked out as much as you are locked in. Answer, and begin the most important relationship of your entire life. More important than mother or father, sister or brother. He does not want to be a distant taskmaster, he wants to share food with you, like a friend who is closer than a brother, your Father in Heaven: Rev 3:20 “Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.”
Sounds simple, but when the stone rolls off your heart you will know.

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