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KingdomWork Studio was founded by a Christian family intent on creating a ministry that will bring light to a dark world through music. KingdomWork Studio is blessed with state-of-the-art recording equipment and knowledgeable staff. Our prototype studio houses two live rooms which can be opened up to create one large live room to accommodate choirs or large groups, a separate vocal booth, and a SAC/SAW digital console setup to give clean and quiet signals a virtual playground across four matched monitors in the control room. Plus, you can each customize your own headphone mix in the live rooms with the remote console feature.

Adjacent to the engineers’ desk and the producers’ desk, our Yamaha Motif MIDI/Keys Production Station is strategically located to give the keyboardist / choir director simultaneous line of sight with both main live room A and the vocal booth. Our streamlined workflow allows for a more proactive and efficient approach to choir and worship team projects, while smoothly accommodating any group that needs to take directions from the keyboard player.

It goes without saying, we can record whatever style you have, with or without your own producer. Our hard-working team is solidly dedicated to catering to the needs of our clients with speed, knowledgeability and precision. We handle each project, small or large, with the same care and commitment each and every time. Your product is our priority at KingdomWork Studio!

Call 480-963-3763, email sara@kingdomworkstudio.com or fill out this form and set appointment to tour the studio and get a complimentary creative projection as to how your project can be completed with KingdomWork Studio! You may be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is. Remember, if you don’t take action, a month, six months or a year goes by in a flash, and you won’t be any closer to your goals. God bless you in your creative ventures!

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