Audio Production Services

Tracking: $45.00-$100.00/hour – Blocks available

Come and track your material in our state-of-the art recording studio! Our spacious studio houses a vocal booth and two live recording rooms capable of handling up to 40 microphone inputs. Our facility accommodates most instruments from drums to guitars and even portable keyboards for musicians and bands. Our vocal booth is great for singers, vocalists, and voice-over talent for radio and commercial film projects. All of our audio is recorded and delivered in high-fidelity, high quality CD or mp3 format and recorded by a highly experienced audio engineer.

Mixing: $45.00-$65.00/hour

Give your material a professional sound by letting us mix it! Engineer Alex Stroke will take your project to the next level: from music and film audio to radio spots and voice-overs, we cover it all. Whether you recorded your material at KingdomWork Studio or another facility, Engineer Alex Stroke will not only bring out the best in your material, but also provide you with a clean and organized EDL and recording session.

Mastering: $45.00 per track – Project quoting available!

Prepare your material for commercial distribution! Whether you’re preparing your work for a major release or for an independent release, mastering is an essential step in the process. At KingdomWork Studio we recognize this vital fact. Using WaveLab 7 and plugins such as Izotope Ozone 4, and the SPL Bundle, we ensure a quality master at a reasonable price. Get Redbook standard loudness while retaining your creative identity and sonic quality using our mastering services. Need a whole project mastered from start to finish? Call 480-963-3763 for a quote to get your project mastered!

Each of our services come with the following deliverables:

– (1) 16 bit 41 kHz stereo .WAV bounce:

-6 dBFS reference level *

– (1) 24 bit 48 kHz stereo .WAV master file: used for high fidelity storage purposes *

– (1) 320 kpbs .MP3 file for size aware web content *

– (1) professionally tracked out SAC/SAW session(.edl): 16 bit 44.1 kHz stereo .WAV settings.

– Individually printed STEMS;

Also included: drums, instrumentation, vocals, etc., according to your specifications! Metadata information will be embedded into all file types according to your specifications. *Mixes and Masters only

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